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About Barghgir Company

Know more than us about Barghgir Toos Company!

Barghgir Toos Company started its activity in an area of 3555 square meters in the phase one of Toos industrial town of Mashhad since 2001 with the support of Tavanir and khorasan regional power company and contribution of Tejarat bank.

Barghgir Toos Company joined the knowledge-based companies in 2014.

Company history

  • Company formation: announcement of toos technical company requirements in the field of production of surge arresters in 1998 with the aim of technical knowledge transfer for production of zinc oxide varistors and their industrial production in iran
  • Establishment date: February 2001 – record number of 17303
  • Initiation of executive activities: 2002
  • Initiation of industrial production: January 2005
  • Initiation of products sale: 2005
  • Joining the knowledge-based companies: 2014

Our competitive advantages

  • Consideration of national and international standards in fabrication of products
  • Technical consultation related to the appropriate selection of surge arrester regarding the environmental and geographical conditions
  • Routine examinations of surge arresters in the presence of customer’s agents and specialists
  • Technical consultation related to the installation location, earthing system and network grounding system
  • Acceptation of orders for production of special surge arresters and varistors with consideration of customer’s suggestions
  • Delivery of customer’s required products on the prescribed date with an appropriate price
  • holding of justification sessions and technical conferences
  • continuous improvement of products quality
  • precise evaluation of providers for satisfaction of customer
  • -Seven-year guaranty for the products.