Tuesday, 12 May 2020 14:52

R&D Department

R&D units are the core of research activities in the industry which the main axis of their activities is to find a scientific solution for the current or upcoming issues and also to perform researches for design of new products, improvement of product quality, optimization of processes, export and import of technologies and achievement of new technical knowledge in the framework of company politics. The secret of success in the research and development unit is to have a certain program. Thus the programs and plans based on improvement and development strategies are determined as follows. Then in addition to clearance of research horizon, a purposive route would be passed through.

The performed activities in R&D unit:

  • Quality improvement of produced surge arresters and varistors
  • Increase of lifetime in produced varistors
  • Localization of raw materials for arresters
  • Decrease of final cost of product
  • Fabrication of knowledge-based novel products
  • Design and fabrication of equipment for examination of varistor and surge arrester
  • Presentation of articles and workshops